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We focus on simplicity, educated risk-taking, pragmatic, seamless execution, and always maintain focus. Our core values are partnership, trust and professionalism.

“We say what we do and we do what we say!”

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We are your business support and human capital management service provider.

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We offer international, lean, high quality and customized services.

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Profit from decades of international experience and one stop shopping integrated solutions for your business.

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Business Support Services

Are you to set up a Business or a Branch in Switzerland and are you looking for a one stop shopping provider, both for the set up and continued business support? REDOB provides and integrates your right fit solution.

Are you about to endeavor a Mergers & Acquisitions project and need some help? Such as Management Audits or post-merger integration management? REDOB can help you make it right.

Are you to launch a major Project and in need for professional Project Management? REDOB has the right partner for you.

Are you in need of Organizational Development, Cultural Change or need to manage major Corporate Communications efforts? REDOB has the right mix for you.

Are you to interim fill a key leadership position and need talent to bridge? REDOB supports you the right way.

The right partner at your side

Human Capital Management

Are you to outsource or project sub-contract Resourcing, Talent Management, People Development, DeSourcing or simply need outsourced day to day HR Management in the good spirit of Business Partnership? REDOB partners with you to make it right.

Are you in need of a particular, tactical or strategic Compensation & Benefits Solution? REDOB will look for the smart solution and get it right.

Are you looking for Coaching and/or Mentoring solutions or provision? REDOB will provide the support with the right human touch.

Are you thinking of an adequate and fully personal EXPAT support? REDOB knows how it is like and will take the right care of EXPATs.

Are you in need of addressing a very specific Human Capital problem, situation, challenge or activity? REDOB will explore together with you the best-fit solution and make it happen.

Get independent input

Non-Executive Mandates

Member of Board of Directors or Trustees

Are you looking for an independent Board of Directors Member or a Board of Trustees Member with particular Human Capital Management expertise? REDOB takes Non-Executive mandates and will provide the right independent input and guidance.

Time for change


Never miss a good crisis. Heading for a major transformation or started it already and looking for help? We positively support your transformation with integrated solutions and as strong partner for your change.


Transformation Management

Offers a range of solutions to enable leaders managing their company transformation…

  • Transformation program design and implementation plan
  • External challenger, sparring partner and source of inspiration
  • Embracing new ways of working and the workforce of the future
  • Sync company transformation & cultural transformation
  • Guiding Transformation & developmental activities aligned with good practice change management

‘We share good practice transformation and talk change experience’


Transformation Practice

Provides & integrates with all REDOB pragmatic people development solutions available to you. Such services may include…

  • Redundancy Support Programs
  • Outplacement / Career Counselling Programs ‘people on the move’
  • Executive Search – ‘the right fit for the future’
  • Executive Interim Management ‘bridging the gap’
  • Executive Career Counselling
  • And the full suite of our Leadership Advisory Services …

‘We make sure your transformation plan & targets interlink with a futureproof company skill-set-mix’


Transformation Partnership

We partner with you throughout the process, personal, fit for purpose and on the ground…

  • Facilitator, Communicator, Project Leader, Execution Partner & Integrator on the ground
  • Transformation Implementation Services
  • Transformation Communication Program Execution
  • Sustain Post Transformation

‘We go beyond advice and provide on the ground support to turn your transformation strategy into practice’

Time for Change!

“I don’t see changes as paralyzing threats, but as exciting challenges through which we can all grow.

Jörg A. Boder – Managing Partner REDOB

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